Seducing the Runaway Customer

Today’s banking customer is playing hard to get – and hard to keep!

In the face of changing customer demands, emerging competition, and global regulations, innovation is key for today’s banks to succeed. Whether it be by entering new markets, rebuilding their brand, introducing new services or initiating transformational process changes, innovation will be at the heart of any successful bank’s strategy today. Continue reading

Encrypting trust for a programmable economy

Trust (or lack thereof) is at the basis of the financial system’s current organization. Banks, escrow agents and other financial intermediaries are required to hedge risks in transactions between untrusted parties. But what if you could bypass this need for intermediaries, thereby lowering transaction costs and removing unnecessary complexities? That, and much more, is the promise of self-enforcing or ‘smart contracts’, a technology that is getting closer and closer to reality thanks to cryptocurrencies. Continue reading