The Coming Security Storm Over The Digital Cloud

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Would you give your house keys to a complete stranger when you are on vacation? Probably not. Human instincts opt for a safer solution.

The question of security is the major constraint preventing more widespread adoption of cloud computing technology. A study by Crowd Research Partners revealed that nine out of 10 professionals worry about safety and security. Data breaches remain the biggest concern for businesses that deploy private cloud servers, software cloud servers (Software as a Service, SaaS), or infrastructure cloud products (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS). Continue reading

The Security of Things in a Connected World

The Security of Things in a Connected World

According to Gartner, by year 2020, there will be more than 25 billion connected devices. These devices would connect with the cloud (and other devices) without any human intervention.

What used to be dumb machines, devices, sensors, cars etc. would now turn intelligent with added computing and network capabilities. Systems and assets, which used to be isolated from external networks, would get connected to the Internet.

What does this imply in the context of cybersecurity? And public safety? Continue reading

Why you should delete the online accounts you don’t use anymore — right now

Copyright – The Washington Post – Mai 31 2016 – By Brian Fung

Despite falling out of vogue years ago, MySpace — that old precursor to Facebook — still has details on more user accounts than the United States has people. And now a hefty chunk of those account credentials has been leaked to the entire Internet, in a humbling reminder that the Matchbox Twenty-inspired username you probably made in high school is still worth a heck of a lot to companies and criminals. Continue reading

Explaining Human Nature To Robots

Copyright – Les Echos / Worldcrunch – April 21 2016 – By Roger-Pol Droit

Try to imagine that an intelligent robot is out to kill you. It remembers all your passwords and has access to all your data. Equipped with facial recognition technology, it can identify you wherever you go, even though you have no idea what it looks like. Continue reading

Cybersecurity: when artificial intelligence gets involved

What is the relationship between artificial intelligence and cybersecurity? One certainly strengthens the other. Thanks to “machine learning”, which is already well known among researchers, AI makes it possible to tackle security in a different way, better suited to the changing context of cybercrime, with greater anticipation and through behavioural analyses. Applications have already been released by laboratories, particularly via open-source libraries, however new skills are required. Continue reading