Artificial Intelligence is moving fast and keeps its promises

understanding AI

Amongst all the latest technologies in computer vision, machine learning, robotic process automation and natural language processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving forward at full steam ahead. Thanks to AI, say goodbye to spending too much time on single, time-consuming activities. With its help, company employees can improve their performance and decisions. If we know that, now, AI is improving our efficiency and jobs in the short and long term, then the question we need to ask is this: what are best ways of understanding AI? Simply put, by detecting the major plus points of AI to reveal all its benefits, and by knowing how to optimise our usage.  Continue reading

The Digital Factory: where agility and start-up mentality are the watchwords!

Digital Factory Startup_EN

Often to be found at the heart of the largest companies and organisations, the Digital Factory stands out thanks to its original way of working. Its innovative work organisation methods, including short decision cycles, less hierarchy and more autonomy for teams, stimulate creativity and reduce time to market. The start-up mentality abounds! Continue reading

Digital Factory: IT departments at the heart of digital projects

Digital Factory_EN

The rise of digital technology has resulted in many new positions opening up within a company, from data scientists and UX designers to DevOps engineers and product owners. What better place than the Digital Factory, a workspace dedicated to the industrialisation of digital solutions, for the IT department to take on a more strategic role, becoming a distinguishing feature of this new agile organisation. The time for experimenting is over, it’s now time to produce.

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Insurance: why we shouldn’t be afraid of robots

The insurance sector hasn’t fully capitalised on it yet, but the robotic revolution is happening now and professionals in the market stand to gain from it. To cite a few examples, today we are seeing the automation of more onerous tasks, the emergence of virtual “smart” advisors and humanoid robots to greet us in stores. None of these advanced technologies are here to replace humans, but rather to help us better negotiate the leap towards a higher level of efficiency in customer relations, marketing, and HR. Here are a few key points for getting the best out of the unavoidable context of robotisation.

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Insurance: putting the human touch back into omni-channel distribution

With regulatory restrictions, an ever-increasing competitive landscape, as well as a connected and moving client base, like all market sectors the distribution of insurance has to reinvent itself in the digital era. But, in light of the reduced number of customers buying insurance products in store, how can we meet customer expectations in terms of digitalisation, and at the same time keep a human and personalised customer experience? Continue reading

The insurer’s front-office in full digital swing

Clued-up and more demanding, consumers expect a quick response time, innovative services, and interaction at all times. The insurer’s front-office is really the frontline service for meeting these expectations and, as such, they must use digital transformation. Below, we set out our advice for successfully transforming the traditional front-office into an agile and flexible interface. Continue reading

Insurance: how to maximise the opportunities that digital can offer

Insurance: how to maximise the opportunities that digital can offer

Incorporated into company strategy, in the insurance market digital transformation  affects all aspects of the profession, from customer relations to distribution, from partnerships right up to Management. But what are the digital opportunities on offer to insurers, and how can they make the most of them in a digital transformation project? Continue reading

The Customer 3.0 is pushing insurers to reinvent themselves

The Customer 3.0 is pushing insurers to reinvent themselves

With the digital revolution making waves across all market sectors, and particularly in insurance, customers now hold more power than before. Time-poor, demanding, and savvy, customers are pushing insurers to reinvent themselves, and therefore traditional marketing strategies are changing. This is your “Customer 3.0”, and here are some innovative solutions that you can offer them. Continue reading