The 4 laws of the new digital IS

The 4 laws of the new digital IS

At the heart of the digital transformation, a company’s information system must be robust, durable and secure. And that’s not all! In a context of rapid changes, the IS is a real transformation accelerator. It’s the end of the monolithic IS, with a new segmentation into four different systems and the emergence of a strategic System of Mediation. Continue reading

Digital: how to choose the right technologies at the right time

the right technologies at the right time

What is of prime importance in the digital transformation? The right speed of execution…as a result, it is important to identify and test the best technologies at the right time, integrate them into business processes at the right pace and with enough agility to apply some self-analysis… and start again. And one of the key elements of the digital transformation is to successfully transform technological innovations into innovations of use or business. Here is how, in my opinion, technological decision-makers must set about doing this. Continue reading

Digital: why should decision-makers switch sides?

Digital: why should strategists switch sides?

Increasingly fast changes (market, competition, use, etc.). New emerging threats. Technologies offering ambitious opportunities … Before implementing a digital transformation project, a fresh phase of strategic view is required to (re)define a strategy according to the business objectives. And faced with these new challenges, decision-makers need to adopt a paradigm shift.
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