Artificial Intelligence: The Interface to Digitally Transforming Your Life

There is no doubt that the need for companies to get serious about digitally transforming their business and production processes is critical to maintaining their competitive edge. The customer is driving the need to be able to get to market faster with products that are competitively priced with the features and capabilities they demand. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of being able to realise success. Continue reading

How Artificial Intelligence Can Also Make The Internet Run Better


From vacuum-cleaner robots that clean your house all by themselves to virtual assistants that can keep track of every appointment in your work agenda to self-driving cars that will soon be circulating on the streets of our cities: One of the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence is the ability to make our technological devices ever more autonomous, able to understand on their own how to accomplish a task. Yet it is curious that while many such devices connected to the internet are learning to run on their own, the system that supports this transformation — network infrastructure (routers, hubs, servers, etc.) — continues to largely be operated manually. Continue reading

Personal data: digital gold to be put into the hands of a trusted third party


Are the General Data Protection Regulations an obstacle to using personal data? They may, on the contrary, boost it if companies see in these new European regulations, which come into force on 25 May 2018, the possibility of creating value from the “digital gold” which is personal data. Finally, it is an opportunity for companies who know how to prevail in this market. Continue reading

5 tips for reinforcing information systems security


Nine out of ten security breaches are the result of social engineering or phishing, meaning deceptive manoeuvrings whose goal is to usurp the identity or steal the login details of information systems users. Likewise, most acts of fraud (65%) carried out on companies do not come from premeditated acts or a weakness in the system, but actually from an exploited opportunity to commit fraud.

Across the whole information systems protection chain (a notion much vaster than “cyber security” and which includes both digital and analogue systems), the human element is still the weakest link. In fact, it constitutes the bulk of the 4 million euros spent every year by businesses in an attempt to block breaches in their security system. Continue reading

Relevant or obsolete? The role of HR in the 21st century


The workplace is changing rapidly. Digital is transforming both how employees work and the way in which they expect to engage with their employers’ HR services. At Sopra Steria, we’ve recently partnered with Management Today on a survey that looked at the extent to which companies are using digital (data analytics, artificial intelligence, automation) to deliver a more consumer-like employee experience. And the findings don’t bode particularly well for the future of the HR function. Continue reading