Improving outcomes with multi agency partners

I was recently speaking to a senior local government officer about her experiences of the difficulties in creating shared services and multi-agency arrangements with local organisations. We agreed that the logic of collaboration to improve performance and generate efficiencies is compelling, but in practice achieving such arrangements has proved to be more complicated. We concluded that although the business logic is often sound one of the biggest hurdles to climb is the practical issues that often have to be overcome to create collaboration.

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Lean IT: the renewal of testing practices

Lean Management, the managerial practice that originated in the automotive industry and that has spread to IT development and maintenance as Lean IT, has now appeared in testing. It’s a real innovation in this field! Lean IT has contributed to testing by saving time, creating real savings and improving the quality of processes via a management system that’s very well suited to testing, as explained by Arnaud Cailleau, Director of the Speciality Testing Line, Sopra Steria, and Jean-Luc Cossi, Lean IT Coach at Operae Partners.

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The impact of digital transformation on an organisation

And ways of turning them into opportunities for growth.

With all the hype surrounding digital it’s easy to forget that the value such transformation creates for an organisation also poses strategic risks. This can be felt acutely in terms of its non-current assets; the fixed or intangible resources owned by an organisation that it uses to generate revenues.

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