“Local genetics” helping connected cities

How do we make the concept of smart cities a reality? Faced with a real profusion of ideas, applications, products and technologies, one might think that the connected city is making progress. Achievements are growing in number, however this does not mean that any real global projects are underlying them. It is necessary to create projects that are compatible with the notion of “local genetics”. Continue reading

What Google executive Schmidt gets right, wrong about future of artificial intelligence

Copyright – The Washington Post – September 16 2015 – By Dominic Basulto

Over the weekend, Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt (you probably know him better as Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt) wrote an op-ed on artificial intelligence for the BBC. While he does a good job of describing ways artificial intelligence will drive forward some key consumer segments (specifically, music and travel), he doesn’t go far enough in developing some truly breakthrough ideas about where AI’s headed.

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Smart cities: how are they created?

The approach consists of rethinking an area, a city or, a district by complementing the social, urban planning and political vision with a digital vision.

The smart city is a topic that is simultaneously inspiring, enchanting and scary.
The smart city deals with global issues: environment, urban investment, bread and butter issues which affect each and every one of us. Continue reading

Cybersecurity: current challenges for companies

Now firmly entrenched in the digital era, companies and administrations in France have become aware that cybersecurity is henceforth a strategic concern. It is now obvious that, security is a general concern and cyberattacks do not only happen to other people. The multiplicity of uses (smartphones, tablets, etc.), social networks, cloud computing, and IT consumerization are a clear call not only to heads of IT services, but also to company management on the need to lead an effective cybersecurity policy to counter threats. Continue reading