Measuring customer experience? This is now possible thanks to Big Data

Customer experience is at the heart of marketing strategies to increase the average shopping basket, improve customer relations, and build loyalty… But how can a concept that largely relates to emotion actually be measured? How can we quantify what is essentially qualitative?

Digital technology, which is transforming behaviour, offers marketing and business managers new tools. Among them is big data, capable of structuring and analysing enormous quantities of scattered and diverse information. It may prove to be THE way to measure, for the first time, customer experience. Continue reading

Why Earth’s future will depend on how we build our cities

Copyright – The Washington Post / Worldcrunch – October 12 2015 – By Chris Mooney

WASHINGTON – It may be the most important number on Earth: 1,000 gigatons. That’s roughly how much carbon dioxide humanity has left to emit, scientists say, in order to have a two-thirds chance of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius above the temperature in pre-industrial times – and thus, staying within what has often been deemed a “safe” climate threshold. Continue reading

Encrypting trust for a programmable economy

Trust (or lack thereof) is at the basis of the financial system’s current organization. Banks, escrow agents and other financial intermediaries are required to hedge risks in transactions between untrusted parties. But what if you could bypass this need for intermediaries, thereby lowering transaction costs and removing unnecessary complexities? That, and much more, is the promise of self-enforcing or ‘smart contracts’, a technology that is getting closer and closer to reality thanks to cryptocurrencies. Continue reading

Has malware jumped over China’s Great Firewall?

Copyright – The Washington Post / Worldcrunch – October 12 2015 – By Adam Minter

For years now, China’s elaborate efforts to censor and control the Internet — collectively known as the Great Firewall — have restricted what the world’s biggest population of Netizens can see and how fast they can download. Until now, that hasn’t been much of a problem for anyone besides locals and companies such as Facebook and Google hoping to sell to them. Continue reading

Cybersecurity at the heart of tomorrow’s energy

Energy does not escape digital technology. At a time when our societies are constantly evolving, the energy transition has become a major challenge for both cities and companies. In order to succeed, they need to leverage digital transformation. On a local level, these are real and immediate issues for elected representatives and decision-makers. Cybersecurity has spectacularly become the hot topic of conversation and it is open to question as to how it should be addressed. In this paradoxical context, there is an opportunity behind the question “How can a secure digital transformation be designed to access the benefits of the energy transition?” Continue reading