The Future of Transport is Digital: The Customers

In our series of three articles looking at the digitization of transport we will explore some of the most impactful areas of this new paradigm:

  1. The customer
  2. Management of services
  3. Infrastructure

This first article will look at the customer, the driving force behind the digitization of the service. Continue reading

Big data: the new “driver” of the ISD!

Big data is not just a technological tool or a means available to companies. Extending the field of business intelligence, big data has become a prerequisite for the ISD within the context of the digital transformation of a company seeking to innovate. And in this context, urbanisation of data will change, perhaps even drastically, the governance of the ISD. Continue reading

Winning the battle of bank customer retention by valuing the customer base

During this period marked by declining revenue linked to historically low rates and by the emergence of new competition from non-banking players, banks must continue, if not accelerate, their digital transformation and strengthen their customer focus.

The retention battle depends on the ability to include the actions taken in a global strategy to develop the customer base, in the intelligent use of Big Data technologies and in the involvement of all of the bank’s players. Continue reading

Digital Point of Sale in the retail market

It is essential to digitize points of sale. Because, in order to reinvent itself and better meet the expectations of a public that makes increasingly more use of the web, the point of sale of tomorrow should also be digital. Using digital technology recreates another type of store, capable of taking on full responsibility regarding execution of the act of purchase, which must be immediate and practical, and give customers a fulfilling and social experience.

Stores must now favour an innovative digital approach, to support the digitization of their points of sale. This approach is structured around the “10 commandments for the point of sale of tomorrow”. Continue reading

Digital Security – Battening down the hatches in a sea of data

Digitalisation without the use of modern technologies? Inconceivable! With cloud computing, the Internet of Things is rapidly becoming part of our everyday life. It seems like magic that we can call up practically everything known to man with tools that fit in our pocket. With a few clicks we can summon items to our front door that are produced at the other end of the world. So far so good. However, nobody seems to be interested in the fact that the technological structures of the digital world are shaky and insecure. Continue reading

Cybersecurity and Digital Ethics in Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

Cybersecurity has become of paramount importance across all industry sectors including HR departments. Cyber security is fast impacting our online economy too. In recent years the number of cyber threats has increased, the 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report, points out that in 2014, 71% of organizations experienced a successful cyber attack. We are also seeing more sophisticated and far reaching threats, especially against personal identifying information (PII) as evidenced by the attacks on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) where 22 million employee files were stolen, and in Europe, where a major French telephony operator was breached on two separate occasions losing the personal data of over 1 million customers. Continue reading