Managing customer dissatisfaction in the insurance sector

In response to the requirements of Directive 2013/11/EU on alternative dispute resolution for consumers (known as ADR), the insurance profession set up a unique mediation authority on 1st January 2016: Insurance Mediation. This new regulatory requirement has resulted in insurers reconsidering, in part, the organisation of their processes in place dealing with customer dissatisfaction. Continue reading

New York’s futuristic pay phones don’t require any payment at all

Copyright – The Washington Post – February 18 2016 – By Brian Fung

New York’s futuristic, high-tech pay phones — which are embedded with touchscreen tablets — are finally going live on Thursday.

The name “pay phone” doesn’t quite do it justice, of course. Yes, the city’s LinkNYC terminals will allow you to make domestic phone calls. But they’ll also let you surf the Web, pull up online maps and connect to city services like 311 and 911. And all of it will be free, thanks to built-in advertising. Continue reading

Digital vision in 7 simple steps

Recently, I read (and posted to LinkedIn) two articles that both highlighted a) the need for organisations to have a digital vision outlining how digital technologies will reshape the business environment they operate in and b) the absence of such visions in most organisations with an ad hoc approach typically being taken.

Both articles begged the question – how do you go about generating a digital vision for your organisation? Continue reading

Digitization of the banking distribution network

Digitizing the banking distribution network consists of implementing the processes and systems that enable the customer to be a player in the banking relationship via digital devices during prospecting, acquisition (new relationship), development (multi-equipment, consumption of products and services owned) and building loyalty.

The terminals used in the digitization process are those of the bank and its customers. Continue reading

Smart wallpaper which absorbs light could help power home

Copyright – The Telegraph – February 26 2016 – By Sarah Knapton

Homes of the future could have ‘smart wallpaper’ which harvests ambient light, even in dim conditions

‘Smart wallpaper’ which absorbs light and heat to help power homes could be available in the next few years after scientists invented ultra-thin flexible solar panels. Continue reading