Artificial Intelligence for Individual and Collective Efficiency

A Recent History of Intelligence in a Digital World

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that uses human-like learning to perform tasks. The idea of Artificial Intelligence or AI is nothing new. As a concept it has been in our literature and art for centuries. But these ideas had no foundation other than as philosophies of nature and science fiction. But things have changed. Continue reading

Explaining Human Nature To Robots

Copyright – Les Echos / Worldcrunch – April 21 2016 – By Roger-Pol Droit

Try to imagine that an intelligent robot is out to kill you. It remembers all your passwords and has access to all your data. Equipped with facial recognition technology, it can identify you wherever you go, even though you have no idea what it looks like. Continue reading

The Sopra Steria innovation awards

In January, took place the second edition of Sopra Steria’s ‘Trophées de l’Innovation’. These innovation awards are an opportunity for all the group’s staff to hone their sense of innovation, by undertaking unique projects. The innovation awards were a great success, with more than 500 projects brought forward. The winners of the challenge have already moved onto the design phase! Continue reading