Cloud adoption consideration #2: Define and implement the revised operating model

Cloud revised operating model

This is the second of a series of blog posts discussing the five main considerations critical to successful cloud adoption by enterprises (if you missed it, the first post is here).  Today’s topic is the impact of cloud adoption on your operating model.

A common customer scenario goes like this.  We want to get the benefits of cloud computing.  But our organisation is so…slow…to…change and we have so much legacy to deal with.  So let’s set up a skunkworks team for application X that is coming up on the development roadmap, so that we can develop a small initial capability to design, deploy and operate a cloud-based solution.  So far, so sensible. Continue reading

How is the digitization of real estate shaping the future?

How is the digitization of real estate shaping the future?

There is an amazing video dating back to the 1960s called “The Home of the Future: Year 1999 A.D.” (The Home Of The Future: Year 1999 A.D.). In this video, a passage predicts what is to come. It shows a “housewife” talking to her husband and son via a video connection using VoIP which looks like a basic version of the Internet of Things. This home of the future integrates the use of technology to make life easier; it is exciting and novel. Now, in the first half of the 21st century, we find ourselves transitioning into a 4th industrial revolution. This revolution is expressed in the form of digitizing our way of life. From transport to health, education to manufacturing, everything we do and use is in the process of being digitally transformed. The digitization that we are seeing today created the “home of the future”, but in a way that we could never have really envisaged. Digitization has become involved in real estate and is in the process of transforming it. This digital transformation is definitive and global. It concerns all aspects of the sector – from construction to asset management, marketing to sales, as well as our home and professional environment. Continue reading

Digital: how to choose the right technologies at the right time

the right technologies at the right time

What is of prime importance in the digital transformation? The right speed of execution…as a result, it is important to identify and test the best technologies at the right time, integrate them into business processes at the right pace and with enough agility to apply some self-analysis… and start again. And one of the key elements of the digital transformation is to successfully transform technological innovations into innovations of use or business. Here is how, in my opinion, technological decision-makers must set about doing this. Continue reading

Platforms in the Digital Age: building payment services

Payments Platforms

Payment platforms: The concept is nothing new. But in a world where payments go hand in hand with offer diversity and customer experience, this concept is taking on a new dimension. In the past, platforms have been indispensable to reduce costs thanks to their capacity to process large volumes using shared infrastructure, but, in the digital age, how will these industrial tools help banks, now more than ever, to be competitive? Let’s take a trip to the very heart of the platforms of the future. Continue reading

Connected objects: How to make an IoT project successful?

How to make an IoT project successful.

New uses and products, technological innovations and also new customer relationships, new economic models… The tidal wave of connected objects is inescapable. How should we deal with this revolution? Although the IoT (Internet of Things) creates growth and value, implementing such a project demands an approach that must be iterative, flexible and collaborative and which immediately takes into account the security requirements. Continue reading

Digital: why should decision-makers switch sides?

Digital: why should strategists switch sides?

Increasingly fast changes (market, competition, use, etc.). New emerging threats. Technologies offering ambitious opportunities … Before implementing a digital transformation project, a fresh phase of strategic view is required to (re)define a strategy according to the business objectives. And faced with these new challenges, decision-makers need to adopt a paradigm shift.
Continue reading