Internet of Things and the New World of Multilingual Communication

Internet of Things and the New World of Multilingual Communication

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Translating in the future will require an increase in high-speed services that adjust to the ultra-fast Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is bound to transform our homes and jobs by connecting all sensor-driven devices with on/off switches to both the Internet and to each other. This in turn will hasten a range of tasks that require translation in the future to keep pace with the transferring data practically in real time to meet client requirements. And that is not all. Continue reading

Artificial intelligence the next ‘big bet’ for online retailers, say bosses

Artificial intelligence the next ‘big bet’ for online retailers, say bosses

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Artificial intelligence is the key to the future of online retail, business bosses have said, providing a crucial way to help shoppers find what they want. Alex Baldock, chief executive of Shop Direct, which runs and Littlewoods, told the Telegraph Festival of Business in London that artificial intelligence was the company’s “big bet”. Continue reading

The Cloud – a true innovation booster

Cloud Innovation

 Using a few examples, here we will see how the Cloud, especially run by Microsoft Azure, is more than a simple virtualization solution (even though still a productive tool for IT Managers and professions).

Through changing its status progressively, the Cloud is no longer just a means to an end, or simply a means. Another new way of looking at the Cloud, would be as a shot of innovation to the system. Continue reading

Digital world: 6 rules for role transformation

Digital world: 6 rules for role transformation

The impact that digital transformation has on HR and corporate management is sizeable. The way in which operational services experience their jobs and carry out their work is directly affected. Innovation and the introduction of new services are making lines of work change shape. Taking this into account, here are 6 rules to successfully support evolving lines of work. Continue reading

Blockchain: financial transactions’ new DNA?

Blockchain: financial transactions’ new DNA

Blockchain is a disruptive technology which creates a new secured exchange model for financial transactions. It eliminates third parties and it combines cryptography, a shared register and a distributed consensus, on the internet. Blockchain’s disruptive impact is a real mid-term reality. Its peer-to-peer exchange, irreversibility and authentication features could shake up the trusted thirdparty banking model. Continue reading

Digital innovation – teaching old dogs new tricks

Digital innovation

Whether disruptive or gradual, innovation is at the heart of digital transformation. But in this case, technology needs to be imperceptible. Above all, we need to adapt our behaviour and skills to these new, digital issues. Below I outline how to innovate effectively using structured approaches and old tools within a digital transformation project. Continue reading

“New generation” Business Intelligence – access for all users

Business Intelligence – access for all users

The arrival of Big Data is reinforcing the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) for decision-makers seeking more efficient and, above all, more accessible tools. Thanks to solutions such as Power BI, this domain is becoming more democratic, supporting decentralised decision-making and no longer requiring previous technical knowledge. Continue reading