Drones: helping businesses with their high-flying potential


Originally invented for military purposes, the word “drone” now conjures up images of recreational devices for aerial photography and aimed at the general public. However, there are much more varied and ambitious applications of such technology that could drive businesses forward. Whether it be surveillance, delivery or 3D modeling: the potential is enormous.  Continue reading

Google wants to reinforce its position in the Cloud


Eighteen months after her arrival, Diane Greene is clearly satisfied: “Our business is accelerating, and we have the sector’s highest growth rate,” says Greene, head of Google’s cloud services division. Still a distant third behind Amazon and Microsoft, the search engine company is nonetheless committed to trying to catch up with its competitors.  Continue reading

Mapping the Cloud’s agile structure to your company

agile structure

In a nutshell, the Cloud is a collection of massive computers, sometimes called server farms, that we connect to via the Internet. Where once we saved our files on a desktop computer (the hardware) and ran programmes on that computer’s operating system (the software), Cloud computing means we now just need a device to connect to the internet to carry out an array of applications.  Continue reading

New Ways of Working and traditional banks: a premise for total transformation


Using digital tools, re-designing workspaces and giving the organisation a thorough overhaul, are solutions that provide evidence of how New Ways of Working (NWOW) have made their way into traditional banking. As demonstrated in our previous article, these banks have given much thought to the changes that need to be put into place. But are these measures enough to stop today’s young workers from losing all interest in the sector? Could these measures put an end to the management crisis, making it more in line with the trends of its time? Nothing could be more uncertain. It’s difficult to draw a conclusion about NWOW because they are still a relatively new phenomenon. However, we can ask questions on their real reach, the way in which they are implemented, and the main challenges traditional banks are faced with.  Continue reading

Beijing’s ambitious plans for cloud computing

cloud computing sector

By 2019, China wants two or three of its national businesses to dominate the cloud computing sector.

China doesn’t want to be kept away from the rapid development of cloud computing and the explosion of data volume — nor to allow the sector to develop at the detriment of the country’s own businesses. While the sector grew nearly 30% in 2015, the Chinese authorities have just determined a roadmap for the next three years.  Continue reading