Personal data: digital gold to be put into the hands of a trusted third party


Are the General Data Protection Regulations an obstacle to using personal data? They may, on the contrary, boost it if companies see in these new European regulations, which come into force on 25 May 2018, the possibility of creating value from the “digital gold” which is personal data. Finally, it is an opportunity for companies who know how to prevail in this market. Continue reading

Measuring customer experience? This is now possible thanks to Big Data

Customer experience is at the heart of marketing strategies to increase the average shopping basket, improve customer relations, and build loyalty… But how can a concept that largely relates to emotion actually be measured? How can we quantify what is essentially qualitative?

Digital technology, which is transforming behaviour, offers marketing and business managers new tools. Among them is big data, capable of structuring and analysing enormous quantities of scattered and diverse information. It may prove to be THE way to measure, for the first time, customer experience. Continue reading