MARKET: How e-health is shaking up the insurance industry


Our series on Personal Insurance: “E-health: shifting from insurer to key player in prevention, thanks to digital”

The impacts of the digital transformation, and the prevalence of connected objects in particular, are causing quite an upheaval within the insurance sector. Insurance providers will benefit from investing in new technologies and integrating them within their business model. E-prevention and e-transformation are fast becoming the two main emphases used to stand out from the competition.  Continue reading

Digital: why should decision-makers switch sides?

Digital: why should strategists switch sides?

Increasingly fast changes (market, competition, use, etc.). New emerging threats. Technologies offering ambitious opportunities … Before implementing a digital transformation project, a fresh phase of strategic view is required to (re)define a strategy according to the business objectives. And faced with these new challenges, decision-makers need to adopt a paradigm shift.
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