When security becomes a lever for competitiveness

Both essential and costly, security has long been considered a “simple” necessity related to risks and usage. This is no longer true. Cybersecurity has become a necessary response to threats and now forms part of the very heart of the products or services of a company: a change that companies can, and must, transform into a competitive advantage. Continue reading

Cybersecurity: current challenges for companies

Now firmly entrenched in the digital era, companies and administrations in France have become aware that cybersecurity is henceforth a strategic concern. It is now obvious that, security is a general concern and cyberattacks do not only happen to other people. The multiplicity of uses (smartphones, tablets, etc.), social networks, cloud computing, and IT consumerization are a clear call not only to heads of IT services, but also to company management on the need to lead an effective cybersecurity policy to counter threats. Continue reading