Digital Point of Sale in the retail market

It is essential to digitize points of sale. Because, in order to reinvent itself and better meet the expectations of a public that makes increasingly more use of the web, the point of sale of tomorrow should also be digital. Using digital technology recreates another type of store, capable of taking on full responsibility regarding execution of the act of purchase, which must be immediate and practical, and give customers a fulfilling and social experience.

Stores must now favour an innovative digital approach, to support the digitization of their points of sale. This approach is structured around the “10 commandments for the point of sale of tomorrow”. Continue reading

Building a seamless global customer experience thanks to digital technology

Even though 99% of purchases world-wide are still made “physically”, i.e. in traditional stores, not only is digital technology inescapable, as the proportion of on-line sales continues to grow, but it has an impact on dynamics… off-line. Therefore, improving the experience of digital technology using digital technology for customers, whether they are on the Internet or in the street, is proving to be a major challenge for tomorrow’s retailers. Objectives: to increase sales, the average basket and loyalty.

How does the online customer journey in a broad, global and seamless sense, influence the act of purchase both on-line and in store?
How can the physical store become almost a stage within the customer journey which has in itself become increasingly global, digital or physical, mobile, cross-channel, etc.?

Here are the 7 principles to be applied to the web and within its framework… Continue reading