Management 3.0: what if we simply went back to the “old” Lean formula?

Businesses, employees, all of us in fact, are seeking to set free collective intelligence in order to reinvent ourselves in this ever-changing world. Many are striving to find new approaches to management, but look no further: one method has been working for more than 50 years, namely the good old Lean management method based on Kaizen philosophy that’s well-known in the industry. Here’s how to take another look at an old formula and give it the modern twist of agility. Continue reading

Openness: fuelling digital transformation



In essence, companies’ digital transformation is based on openness. “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend”, said the philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941). Opening up is allowing new ideas to come in, shaking up the established order and facilitating dialogue with ‘dissidents’, as this change requires. All this is only possible through a strategy of openness. It’s an essential fuel to move forward and accelerate.  Continue reading

Pleasure: the essential ingredient for a successful transformation


Series – The new challenges of digital technology in business

The digital wave places people and the group back at the heart of the company. Tackling your digital transformation successfully is above all letting ideas emerge, allowing mistakes and rapidly implementing what works. It’s an approach that is intended to be holistic and iterative, but above all peppered with a spirit of adventure and a necessary dose of pleasure.  Continue reading

Excellence: a requirement reinforced by the digital revolution

digital revolution

Series – The new challenges of digital technology in business

Customer versatility. Influence of e-reputation. Ambush from start-ups. The digital revolution is deeply transforming the relationship between the company and its customers. What is the key to this new order? It’s ‘simply’ excellence, an essential requirement and condition for a successful digital transformation.  Continue reading

Digital transformation: let’s move up a gear

speed of execution

The digital transformation of companies and organisations is radically changing processes, interactions with customers and management styles through the complete reinvention of methods as well as strategies. Leading on directly from the white paper Succeeding in your digital transformation and further developing the beliefs it explores, Jean-Claude Lamoureux, co-author of the work and Sopra Steria Consulting Group Executive Director, pursues the discussion with this series of four articles entitled The new challenges of digital technology in business Continue reading