Cybersecurity: machine learning to be the main focus in 2018

In a landscape marked by an explosion in the number of security incidents, machine learning should be the main focal point in 2018. The promise of automated learning is of as much interest to hackers as it is to companies concerned with protecting their informational assets. The subject has even made it onto McAfee’s 2018 five most important trends in cyber security. Get the lowdown here. Continue reading

Cybersecurity: Five vulnerabilities you shouldn’t ignore

Recent news is confirming the extent to which 0-Day type security breaches and their associated protocols are naturally peaking interest. As critical as they are on a technical level, these vulnerabilities only represent around 4% of the security incidents counted over the last ten years. The main responses have, then, only really been centered on a relatively low proportion of attacks. Continue reading

How Cyber Security Attacks Are Driving the Growth Of Cyber Security

You would be an unusual person if you have not been aware of cybersecurity in 2017. It was a year that truly brought home the level and breadth of cyber attacks against some of our both established and emerging industry players, including Equifax and Uber. Early in the year the massive ransomware attack, WannaCry, hit globally and without mercy; Symantec recording 80,000 exploits per hour at its peak. Continue reading

Bad Hacking vs. Good Hacking: The Black and White Hats of Hacking

bug bounty programs

How Bug Bounty Programs Can Turn Black Hats White

Once upon a time, computer hacking was seen as the hobby of geeks in basements. Early hacking was often done as almost a vanity project, to show the world that the hacker was a highly capable programmer, able to circumvent computer defenses. Early computer hackers even formed clubs, like the Chaos Computer Club which was founded in 1981 in Germany Continue reading