The ‘Cognitive Services’ bringing AI to business applications

Cognitive Services IA_EN

Have you ever wondered to what extent your business applications might benefit from functions based upon artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning? This question has long seemed irrelevant given the complexity of implementing these algorithms, but things have changed. Take the example of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, which offer access to an effective image recognition engine via a hosted service. Continue reading

Deep learning gives us more intelligent apps

Des applis plus « intelligentes » avec le deep learning

Whilst artificial intelligence (AI) is considered an unavoidable evolution to help businesses in their digital transformation journey, the technological revolution – also known as “cognitive information” – is making its move on the market. This will offer companies, IT Managers, and specialist professions, new and more “intelligent” services, particularly through the use of machine learning and deep learning. Continue reading

Truly, Madly, Deeply Learned: How Deep Learning is Advancing AI in Leaps and Bounds

Truly, Madly, Deeply Learned: How Deep Learning is Advancing AI in Leaps and Bounds

Nature has given human beings an amazing ability to learn. We learn complex tasks, like language and image recognition from birth and continue throughout our lives to modify and build upon these first learning experiences. It seems natural then, to use the concept of learning, building up knowledge and being able to model and predict outcomes and apply that to computer related processes and tasks. The terminology used to describe the technologies involved in this paradigm in computing are Artificial Intelligence (AI). Continue reading