IoT in France: a need to step up the pace to compete with GAFA

IoT in France

In the future will we all be connected? There is no doubt about the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT): from manufacturing equipment to smart watches, as well as cars and domestic appliances, the number of interactions is growing continually… Where do French companies fit into this much coveted sector? Faced with the major resources implemented by GAFA to keep control of platforms, there are still a number of hands left to play.  Continue reading

Insurance: why we shouldn’t be afraid of robots

The insurance sector hasn’t fully capitalised on it yet, but the robotic revolution is happening now and professionals in the market stand to gain from it. To cite a few examples, today we are seeing the automation of more onerous tasks, the emergence of virtual “smart” advisors and humanoid robots to greet us in stores. None of these advanced technologies are here to replace humans, but rather to help us better negotiate the leap towards a higher level of efficiency in customer relations, marketing, and HR. Here are a few key points for getting the best out of the unavoidable context of robotisation.

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Insurance: connected objects for better prevention of occupational diseases

Although we are used to seeing more and more connected objects in everyday life, they are also starting to invade the working world. They may not be as spectacular or given as much media coverage, but they are still as effective and offer advantages to both users and companies alike. They can enable insurance companies to be major players in the prevention of occupational diseases.

However, the use of these objects, by insurance companies, requires a number of precautions, particularly in terms of safety and confidentiality. Continue reading