Why we need governance to support the development of AI in cybersecurity

AI in cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence is set to play an increasingly important role in our lives. And while the general public may still consider it the work of science fiction, it is already all around us, if only in discourse, and looks here to stay. But we must equip ourselves if we are to truly make the most of this progress and master its by-products.  Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence will boost the SOCs of tomorrow

When it comes to Big Data, some see it as the beginning of a new world. But others are frightened of what it represents; namely, a gigantic volume of data. If one thing is sure, it’s that Big Data is at the heart of some of our biggest concerns today. Our ecosystem, brimming with personal information systems (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and connected objects, is sending the volume of available data into exponential growth, to the point where human intelligence alone simply isn’t enough to process it anymore.

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