Cloud adoption consideration #2: Define and implement the revised operating model

Cloud revised operating model

This is the second of a series of blog posts discussing the five main considerations critical to successful cloud adoption by enterprises (if you missed it, the first post is here).  Today’s topic is the impact of cloud adoption on your operating model.

A common customer scenario goes like this.  We want to get the benefits of cloud computing.  But our organisation is so…slow…to…change and we have so much legacy to deal with.  So let’s set up a skunkworks team for application X that is coming up on the development roadmap, so that we can develop a small initial capability to design, deploy and operate a cloud-based solution.  So far, so sensible. Continue reading

The Coming Security Storm Over The Digital Cloud

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Would you give your house keys to a complete stranger when you are on vacation? Probably not. Human instincts opt for a safer solution.

The question of security is the major constraint preventing more widespread adoption of cloud computing technology. A study by Crowd Research Partners revealed that nine out of 10 professionals worry about safety and security. Data breaches remain the biggest concern for businesses that deploy private cloud servers, software cloud servers (Software as a Service, SaaS), or infrastructure cloud products (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS). Continue reading

Liquid Big Data: the next digital disruption?

Liquid Big Data is when competitors use Cloud technology and ways of working to openly share and analyse large volumes of data together for their mutual benefit. Yet an organisation engaging in this form of co-opetition risks losing competitive advantage over its peers and increases the threat of new entrants stealing market share. But could the strategic value of such a move outweigh these risks? Here are some ideas… Continue reading