Data security – how will the EU’s GDPR impact business?

data security

In April 2016 the European parliament passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the most important reform in the European legislation on the protection of personal data for the last twenty years. As of 25th May 2018, the same rules will be enforced on all EU member states. Importantly, both EU and non EU companies and organisations will be directly concerned by the new law, from the moment they collect, process, or store personal data belonging to European citizens.  Continue reading

Protecting the Connected Home: A User’s Guide

It used to be that only geeks loved gadgets, but since ‘Internet-connected’ device, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT) arrived on the scene, the IoT is now embraced by everyone. 2016 really was the year that consumer IoT really took off. Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo have captured the public’s imagination. According to research, Amazon Echo has sold around 5.1 million units in the two years since launch, and those sales doubled in the years 2015-2016. And the IoT love affair continues as the latest figures from VoiceLabs expect to see 24.5 million unit sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home in 2017.  Continue reading

The Digital Factory: where agility and start-up mentality are the watchwords!

Digital Factory Startup_EN

Often to be found at the heart of the largest companies and organisations, the Digital Factory stands out thanks to its original way of working. Its innovative work organisation methods, including short decision cycles, less hierarchy and more autonomy for teams, stimulate creativity and reduce time to market. The start-up mentality abounds! Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence will boost the SOCs of tomorrow

When it comes to Big Data, some see it as the beginning of a new world. But others are frightened of what it represents; namely, a gigantic volume of data. If one thing is sure, it’s that Big Data is at the heart of some of our biggest concerns today. Our ecosystem, brimming with personal information systems (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and connected objects, is sending the volume of available data into exponential growth, to the point where human intelligence alone simply isn’t enough to process it anymore.

Continue reading

Transformational teams: the link in your digital transformation chain

transformational team

Here I outline the four main elements in the “transformational team” equation: agility, innovation, curiosity, and pleasure. This is a new way of working, with a team often comprised of original and iconoclastic IT profiles. In this article, I offer a few examples of the profile types which could be used to build a new transformational team. Continue reading