MARKET: How e-health is shaking up the insurance industry


Our series on Personal Insurance: “E-health: shifting from insurer to key player in prevention, thanks to digital”

The impacts of the digital transformation, and the prevalence of connected objects in particular, are causing quite an upheaval within the insurance sector. Insurance providers will benefit from investing in new technologies and integrating them within their business model. E-prevention and e-transformation are fast becoming the two main emphases used to stand out from the competition.  Continue reading

Drones: helping businesses with their high-flying potential


Originally invented for military purposes, the word “drone” now conjures up images of recreational devices for aerial photography and aimed at the general public. However, there are much more varied and ambitious applications of such technology that could drive businesses forward. Whether it be surveillance, delivery or 3D modeling: the potential is enormous.  Continue reading

New Ways of Working and traditional banks: a premise for total transformation


Using digital tools, re-designing workspaces and giving the organisation a thorough overhaul, are solutions that provide evidence of how New Ways of Working (NWOW) have made their way into traditional banking. As demonstrated in our previous article, these banks have given much thought to the changes that need to be put into place. But are these measures enough to stop today’s young workers from losing all interest in the sector? Could these measures put an end to the management crisis, making it more in line with the trends of its time? Nothing could be more uncertain. It’s difficult to draw a conclusion about NWOW because they are still a relatively new phenomenon. However, we can ask questions on their real reach, the way in which they are implemented, and the main challenges traditional banks are faced with.  Continue reading

Aerospace infographic – the digital transformation of the sector in 2017

Aerospace infographic

The International Paris Air Show has closed its doors for another year, and in 2017 we had the pleasure of attending with CIMPA, our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialist subsidiary. This year’s event was jam-packed and once again demonstrated that new tech solutions are the drivers behind the annual growth in the aerospace sector.  Continue reading

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is disrupting our jobs – but how?

RPA Robotic Process Automation

So what is RPA?

Robotic Automation Process, or RPA, involves using robot software where the primary aim is to interact with a set of different systems in the same way a human would. These robots are mainly programmed to carry out a number of repetitive tasks that require little complex decision making. RPA solutions have been developed to connect to a company’s internal, or external, interfaces.

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