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How to take the industrial transformation shift ?

24 October 2018

How to take the industrial transformation shift ?

New customer uses, practices on the market and technologies: progressively, former models are evolving. Industry 4.0 isn’t an exception and can’t avoid this revolution. To succeed, the companies have to think in terms of technology and also in terms of uses.  It’s time to take advantage of new tools. How can established industries drive growth while keeping their level of production quality ?

Compagnies have to find solutions, facing new agile and digital players. Two solutions should be combined. First of all, businesses should develop their strengths by exploiting existing resources. At the same time, they should explore in order to create new possibilities thanks to technology. The successful combination for industry players lies in a technological organisation open to creativity and able to think out out of the box.

More than a technological gap

Delivery drones and driverless cars are no longer science fiction. Young start-ups are behind these innovations. They are able to rethink the all chain from end to end, disrupt existing models and challenge the former generation. Their model? Introduce existing technologies into entirely reconfigured processes. No matter the sector, models are evolving. From now on, no industry will be able to ignore the change.Why these new models aren’t emerging from the large industry players? With their expertise, they are the best ones to bring such changes. Despite their heavy infrastructures, rigid organisation and significant IT legacy, they can become the pioneer of disruption and innovation. To make it, they must use the same weapons as their new competitors.

Let’s rethink the conception of change

We can’t hope for a sector overhaul with a little bit of IT or some machine learning. Companies have to think about new solutions if they want to reshape today’s models by means of technology.

A tool has interest only if it brings disruptive adaptation.

The use of the technology is the key to explore new possibilities, more than the technology by its own.

Trying to pinpoint a recurring problem with a machine or helping teams better communicate is more important than the technology out of context. The real research of a technological solution can start after employees and means fit.

Anticipate tomorrow’s performances with today’s technologies

New technologies such as IA and Big Data help industrial companies to react, better anticipate and overcome issues. They give companies the ability to track component suppliers at ever step through collecting and processing data. Therefore, unexpected delays in delivery can be forseen.

The idea is to provide real time solution, to both companies and at more individual level : for example, a smart drill that points a machine operator his wrong handling and helps improving it.

Anticipation is also the word that drives Digital Twin. The principle of this system in a factory is to simulate modifications and to measure the instant impact without changing the real set up model.

Data-based applications are limitless and their added value priceless.

Get into leader position

Occupations are bound to evolve. Indrustry must prove its capacity to spead out in varied domains. Technologies and new managerial approaches must coincide and weight in companies’ strategy.

Everyone’s collaboration, skills acquisition and ecosystem openness are definitely the keys to achieve this goal. Collaborations with start-ups, consulting partners, schools and universities, and reseach centers can be activated.

Stimulate collective intelligence, whilst putting individual at the heart, will allow business’ essential digital solutions’ emergence.

For established players, the issue is three-fold : catch up for being behind, improve current situation and anticipate future. The only act of reaction is not enough anymore, in a world where immobilism means being behind the times.

For a successful digital transformation, let’s exploit to strengthen compagny’s performance; let’s explore to face tomorrow’s needs. Combining them become vital for all companies.

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