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[Infographic] Digitalisation of European public services: positive account

4 December 2017


[Infographic] Digitalisation of European public services: positive account

Liked and expected, these are the two terms that define the feeling of Europeans in regard to digital public services. Whilst there is clear satisfaction with regard to the current solutions offered (on average, 62% of responses are positive), citizens expect a lot from the modernisation of their administrations. The survey led for Sopra Steria by Ipsos reveals for the third consecutive year the expectations from the French and their European neighbours in relation to the State. Whilst two thirds of respondents enjoy digital gateways, 88.25% of them are keen to see more efforts being made.

We will highlight here the consequences of the work currently carried out: 77% of European respondents confirm that the State is developing solutions, and 62.75% of them describe them as easy to use. Germany needs to make more of an effort: although 89% of its citizens would like to use more online services, only 42% of them feel that their services are advanced.

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More eager than ever, 70% of French citizens feel that the digitalisation of their services should be a priority in future development, not only to meet their needs but also because half of them are convinced that the current government can indeed reach the targets it has set itself. For Norway, 89% of those surveyed want the modernisation of their administration bodies to be made a priority.

These positive feelings are shared by all. Whatever their situation, the French want to move towards a far wider use of online processes. With an 84% satisfaction rate of certain tools, such as those rolled out by the Center for Public Finances, they nonetheless feel that it’s important to make the universal access to healthcare and personal data a priority. With these two services being the most popular, they are, of course, at the top of the list of digital transformation.

Making these processes easier, accessible to all, and saving time – these are the essential elements in the eyes of those surveyed, and the ones that come out on top in their answers. The British put the priority on the freedom to use the services whenever they want, whereas the Norwegians favor simplified use. In France and Germany, their demands are more concentrated on saving time.

Although enthusiastic, the French are more worried than their neighbours (81%) about the digital divide and data protection, with 81% in Germany, 73.5% in Norway, both ahead of the UK with just 67.5%. The frequency of use is also still an area that needs to be developed, as French internet users only consult Public Service gateways two times per year, or less.

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