Moderation charter

Discussions via comments on the Sopra Steria blog are open to all. They are moderated afterwards.

The moderator’s general role is to ensure that the different Sopra Steria contributors respect the basic rules of expressing views publicly.

These rules apply both to comments made by contributors to the Sopra Steria blog and to those made on sites or references stated in the comments. They exclude especially but not exclusively:

  • any comment that goes against the law or regulation in force (incitement to racial hatred, racism, calls to violence, xenophobia, revisionism, Holocaust denial, invasion of privacy, infringement of intellectual property rights, etc.);
  • any rude, vulgar or pornographic comments;
  • any aggressive, violent, insulting comments; whether they are towards another contributor or
  • any other person or category of people identified by their race, gender, religion or any other characteristic;
  • any bullying, especially through the accumulation of comments from repeated publication of identical, or very similar, comments;
  • any commercial or sales promotion;
  • any identity fraud, either implicit or explicit, with it being specified that in the event of doubts regarding the identity of a contributor whose comments are relevant to the debate concerned, the moderator may post these comments on the forum without them necessarily being signed;
  • any comments unrelated to the debate of which they are part and especially to the article at the origin of the debate.

Messages that clearly go against the laws in force can be deleted and transferred to the competent authorities if necessary.

The Sopra Steria blog moderator(s) reserve the right to apply these rules and to exclude those who violate them repeatedly and systematically. Their decisions cannot be contested.

Technical problems are always possible. In the event of difficulties, please remain patient. By following these rules and guidelines, you are helping to make the Sopra Steria blog a place where constructive debates can take place.