IoT in France: a need to step up the pace to compete with GAFA

IoT in France

In the future will we all be connected? There is no doubt about the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT): from manufacturing equipment to smart watches, as well as cars and domestic appliances, the number of interactions is growing continually… Where do French companies fit into this much coveted sector? Faced with the major resources implemented by GAFA to keep control of platforms, there are still a number of hands left to play.  Continue reading

Digital technology, collaboration and sharing: Building the smart community

smart communities

Digital platforms for collaboration are changing the way we live and work, a conversation with the authors of the book: “H2H. Human Revolution”.

Digital innovation and collaborative platforms are opportunities to create a new and modern form of human cooperation powered by smart communities. This is the thesis of the book H2H. Human Revolution, written by Gianni Lodi, an engineer, corporate manager and co-founder of EI4Smart, and the architect Gianluca Cristoforetti, responsible for the Map of Italy, a nationwide project of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (National Urban Planning Institute).  Continue reading

CHANGE: the 8 commandments of transformation in insurance

transformation in insurance

“E-health: shifting from insurer to key player in prevention, thanks to digital”

Digitisation of documents, improved digital interaction with customers, new products and services based around self care, advances in IT, and so on – digital and e-health are changing the face of insurance. To address this challenge and to make a success of e-transformation, here are eight best practices to implement within GM, IT and CDO.  Continue reading

Why we need governance to support the development of AI in cybersecurity

AI in cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence is set to play an increasingly important role in our lives. And while the general public may still consider it the work of science fiction, it is already all around us, if only in discourse, and looks here to stay. But we must equip ourselves if we are to truly make the most of this progress and master its by-products.  Continue reading