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Pleasure: the essential ingredient for a successful transformation

22 September 2017

Pleasure: the essential ingredient for a successful transformation

Series – The new challenges of digital technology in business

The digital wave places people and the group back at the heart of the company. Tackling your digital transformation successfully is above all letting ideas emerge, allowing mistakes and rapidly implementing what works. It’s an approach that is intended to be holistic and iterative, but above all peppered with a spirit of adventure and a necessary dose of pleasure. 

The digital revolution places companies, operational staff and their management under pressure. Middle management struggles to keep control of operations when everything is going faster. Employees are constantly facing brand new situations, which make them bend to customer demands and impatience. Pressure on performance remains without effect.

To deal with the instability and pressure on employees and managers caused by digital changes, companies start their own digital transformation. This is an in-depth transformation that must be fast and requires everyone to mobilise. This mobilisation affects every employee, who must not only understand the need to change, but above all desire and take pleasure in it.

Living the transformation adventure to the full

What does this mean? It’s the desire to take part in a fascinating project, to live this adventure to the full. It’s the pleasure of being part of a winning team. Finally, it’s the satisfaction of seeing one’s customers happy. But arousing these emotions requires new management styles, which give meaning instead of orders, which motivate instead of manage and which empower instead of control.

Faced with this new paradigm, visionaries and sociologists invent the liberated company, management 3.0, holacracy, etc. By putting the bar very high, they make changing the company culture a prerequisite for success.

Liberating the company takes time

But putting these management methods in place takes time. Time that no one has. Every company must therefore find its own way to strengthen employee commitment: a method that is consistent with its own culture, that resonates with the personality of its directors and draws from the company’s strengths. It’s a path to be explored step by step, and small successes that the pioneers will spread by capillary action.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” asserted the American anthropologist Margaret Mead (1901-1978).

Jean-Claude Lamoureux – Group Executive Director – Sopra Steria Consulting



Group Executive Director at Sopra Steria Consulting for over a decade, I'm leading our clients to the success of their digital programmes by offering creative approaches, collaborative working methods and tools to accelerate the company's digital transformation
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