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Sopra Steria Digilab: designing the projects of tomorrow

23 June 2016


Sopra Steria Digilab: designing the projects of tomorrow

As both an educational and commercial showcase, digilabs bring together the most outstanding innovations developed by international Business Units within the Sopra Steria group; they are hubs of new ideas to imagine tomorrow’s world.

An innovation showcase

Digilabs are a unique concept: demonstrating numerous innovative projects, they focus on the group’s flagship projects and technologies of the future. Through Digilabs, Sopra Steria builds on its position as a leading innovator thanks to projects developed internally on behalf of major groups. Each Digilab centralises the innovation know-how of various Sopra Steria Business Units and offers an area dedicated to R&D in each country.

Open to clients, collaborators and students, Digilabs represent the cutting edge of technology. Visitors can discover client application projects, R&D conducted internally or POC (Proofs of Concept), as well as projects developed as part of the Innovation Awards.

All visitors are taken on a guided tour of the showroom, where each project will be presented (from the statement of requirements stage through to its realization) and shown in a real-life situation. Each visitor is encouraged to be proactive during the visit: they can experience the products for themselves. In this way, they can fully evaluate the work carried out by Sopra Steria both in terms of the project and its practical application.

The first Digilab opened in Paris in July 2014 in La Défense business district. Sopra Steria aims to expand the number of Digilabs abroad so that, ideally, each Business Unit can house a Digilab in order to offer a setting that showcases the group’s innovative projects.

The 3 roles of the Digilab

Staging our innovations for our clients and collaborators

In the Digilab, each project is put into context and the entire creation process is covered extensively. What need does the project fulfil? How did it come about? What development strategy was taken, etc.? Visitors can therefore discover the project’s declensions and its deployment in a work environment.

The Digilab is also a communication tool: all sales managers in the Sopra Steria group are invited to present the Digilab to clients and potential clients so that they, too, can discover this showcase of achievements and innovative projects. This tool also enables collaborators to discover internal products and expand their offers.

In 2015, several hundred professionals came to discover the group’s innovative projects in our Digilab in La Défense, Paris.

Revitalising recruitment

Digilabs are also an asset to attract new talents to the Sopra Steria group. On this occasion, numerous colleges are invited to the Digilabs in order to discover the group’s most innovative projects.

The objective is to show students that the initiatives of Sopra Steria’s collaborators are not compartmentalised; they also have the possibility of using their talent to create innovative projects which will be developed by the group.

Generating business

Presenting our Digilabs to professionals and clients enables them to discover new projects and to offer them the possibility to drive innovations forward  (c’est ok) to incorporate them into the portfolio of services offered by Sopra Steria.

Thanks to the visits, each client can benefit from a choice of “à la carte” services and can therefore create a set of skills that optimally meet their needs and expectations.

Sharing expertise and boosting innovation

In order to present the most innovative projects, each Digilab is regularly updated in terms of projects  and displays the group’s latest ideas. To do this, the local ecosystem is analysed and the most innovative projects of each Business Unit are presented there.

In France today, there are 3 Digilabs: in Paris, Toulouse (specialising in the aviation sector) and Lille (focussing on retail). Internationally, there is one Digilab in Spain, one in the United Kingdom and one in India.

The opening of the Digilab in India marks a major step as it shows that India is a highly innovative country and not just a “coding factory”. To date, the Indian subsidiary of Sopra Steria works for 8 out of the 10 biggest clients of the company.. With over 5,000 collaborators in India, it is one of our most important subsidiaries, both in terms of traditional services as well as most innovative services.

Digilabs play a key role in the development of innovation and communication between Business Units. The objective of these spaces is to examine the group’s ecosystem in order to connect collaborators and to get the best out of each project, on a global scale. They represent sharing, expertise and experience.

A real “boost” for internal innovation, these technological showcases also host projects by collaborators. This culture of innovation is also seen with the Innovation Awards and the implementation of innovative projects.

On the basis of this approach, the Executive Management of the Sopra Steria group has chosen to develop its showrooms in order to present its innovations to clients from around the world. New Digilabs will soon be open in Oslo (to cover Scandinavia), Singapore and Barcelona. As unique structures for innovative projects, Digilabs are now signs of the unique direction that Sopra Steria and our collaborators are taking in terms of innovation.


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