Platforms in the Digital Age: building payment services

Payments Platforms

Payment platforms: The concept is nothing new. But in a world where payments go hand in hand with offer diversity and customer experience, this concept is taking on a new dimension. In the past, platforms have been indispensable to reduce costs thanks to their capacity to process large volumes using shared infrastructure, but, in the digital age, how will these industrial tools help banks, now more than ever, to be competitive? Let’s take a trip to the very heart of the platforms of the future. Continue reading

The Payment Mix : an answer to the challenges posed by realtime operations

Mix payment

In the age of real-time, the customer can chose whether to pay by card, or directly with their IBAN, depending on their profile,the security offered and the cost. Looking beyond the full range of payment methods that banks have to offer, this is an opportunity for banks to provide enriched and attractive services, combining several different payment methods. Continue reading

Technology: an enabler for microfinance institutions

One way a microfinance institution can improve its effectiveness is to optimise Loan Officers’ work, given that they are at the heart of the institution’s activity. Furthermore, providing them with technical tools improves the institution’s geographical coverage, information collection by managers at a customer level, and even the rate at which high-risk customers repay their loan. Continue reading

Digitization of the banking distribution network

Digitizing the banking distribution network consists of implementing the processes and systems that enable the customer to be a player in the banking relationship via digital devices during prospecting, acquisition (new relationship), development (multi-equipment, consumption of products and services owned) and building loyalty.

The terminals used in the digitization process are those of the bank and its customers. Continue reading

Seducing the Runaway Customer

Today’s banking customer is playing hard to get – and hard to keep!

In the face of changing customer demands, emerging competition, and global regulations, innovation is key for today’s banks to succeed. Whether it be by entering new markets, rebuilding their brand, introducing new services or initiating transformational process changes, innovation will be at the heart of any successful bank’s strategy today. Continue reading

Winning the battle of bank customer retention by valuing the customer base

During this period marked by declining revenue linked to historically low rates and by the emergence of new competition from non-banking players, banks must continue, if not accelerate, their digital transformation and strengthen their customer focus.

The retention battle depends on the ability to include the actions taken in a global strategy to develop the customer base, in the intelligent use of Big Data technologies and in the involvement of all of the bank’s players. Continue reading

CRS: drivers towards rationalising the reporting function

Implementation of the new CRS is a substantial new regulatory issue for financial institutions. How can optimum compliance be achieved quickly? Over and above the need to identify clients and accounts to be reported, how can reports for tax administrations be produced while dealing with the complexity of the various country entities and mechanisms to be covered? Continue reading