Start-ups aren’t the only ones innovating!

Start-ups aren't the only ones innovating!

Discussion with Marc Giget, Chairman and founder of the Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’Innovation (Innovation Leaders Club of Paris)

In a rapidly-changing world, big companies have suffered from the stereotype of being large, inflexible “dinosaurs”. However, since 2012, global companies have been catching up and are now at the forefront of innovation. Continue reading

Connected objects: How to make an IoT project successful?

How to make an IoT project successful.

New uses and products, technological innovations and also new customer relationships, new economic models… The tidal wave of connected objects is inescapable. How should we deal with this revolution? Although the IoT (Internet of Things) creates growth and value, implementing such a project demands an approach that must be iterative, flexible and collaborative and which immediately takes into account the security requirements. Continue reading

Can simulation for decision support predict the future?

simulation for decision support

“The challenge in creativity is not to find new ideas but to abandon the old ones”.
Luc de Brabandere

Recently, scientists took some of the fundamental laws of physics, data on the formation of galaxies and images from the Hubble telescope, and created a simulation of our universe. The simulation has allowed them to study the makeup of dark matter and understand our universe in a much deeper way. One of the key results of the simulation has been the ability to make predictions based on observations. Continue reading