Instant Payments: the race against time


In the age of mobile internet, all services are going real time. Payments are no exception: Instant Payments should appear in Europe towards the end of 2017. While this new payment instrument offers banks new perspectives, they are also subject to a double race against time: a race to make sure that their IT systems are ready, and a race to process payments in just a few seconds. Let’s take a look at the challenges that lie ahead for banks. Continue reading

Platforms in the Digital Age: building payment services

Payments Platforms

Payment platforms: The concept is nothing new. But in a world where payments go hand in hand with offer diversity and customer experience, this concept is taking on a new dimension. In the past, platforms have been indispensable to reduce costs thanks to their capacity to process large volumes using shared infrastructure, but, in the digital age, how will these industrial tools help banks, now more than ever, to be competitive? Let’s take a trip to the very heart of the platforms of the future. Continue reading