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Turn loss into profit using Tactical Digital Transformation

16 February 2016


Turn loss into profit using Tactical Digital Transformation

Many organisations across different sectors today face increasingly aggressive environments as digital ways of working and technology reduce barriers of entry for competitors and transform the customer experience.

Consequently an organisation may need to respond immediately to these challenges using Tactical Digital Transformation – initiatives that can be delivered by an organisation quickly using operating rather than capital expenditure. Here are some ideas…

Social media customer and employee feedback: As a precursor to an investment in Big Data analytics, an organisation itself may wish to analyse how customers and employees currently perceive its brand across social media channels. Such analysis can be as simple as desktop research or more complex using (often free) social media analytics tools. The key is looking in the right places regularly to identify any positive or negative themes/trends about the organisation (including websites where employees anonymously review their employers). This insight may not be conclusive but could identify critical issues being missed by an organisation’s formal key performance indicators. It also enables organisational stakeholders to explore opportunities for Big Data initiatives at low risk.

Website optimisation: There may be ways to increase sales/revenue by altering the design of the organisation’s website on different platforms (for example many websites are not optimised for smartphone browsers leading to a poor customer experience that causes high dropout rates). Such tactical enhancements can be delivered using web experience optimisation tools by in-house design teams. In addition, such an initiative enables a critical review of an organisation’s digital services without having to invest in a full blown strategy exercise.

Lean Process Improvement: Drawing directly from employee experience (and other sources such as KPIs or social media feedback) a business unit can use this customer-centric approach for continuous improvement in new ways of working to reduce waste, duplication and increase the value it delivers for an organisation’s stakeholders. Although it may require a small investment in Lean methodology training for staff, it can be implemented internally using workshops and follow up activities with management oversight. Embedding Lean in business units also lays the foundations for the formal introduction of Agile across an organisation.

In summary, Tactical Digital Transformation initiatives potentially confer a range of benefits for an organisation including:

  • Low budget, high impact rapid people-led change that doesn’t require strategic/CapEx investment
  • Maximising the existing skills and experience of an organisation’s people and wider stakeholders
  • Gathering “real world” evidence to inform development of a digital transformation strategy

However, it should be noted such initiatives will probably only deliver short term competitive advantage. But they will help an organisation find ways to address the root causes of its increasing long term costs or failing market demand for its products or services.

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